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School Arrival

The homeroom bell rings at 8:00 A.M. Students arriving prior to this time will be sent to BSC. (See BSC/ASC) information for charges. NOTE: Students arriving between 7:45 A.M. and 8:00 A.M. will not incur any BSC charges.) We recommend that students arrive by 8:15 A.M., however, students must be in their homerooms by the 8:25 A.M. bell. Each morning, students recite the Pledge of Allegiance, join in a morning prayer, and sing the National Anthem before classes begin. Students arriving after the 8:25 A.M. bell are considered tardy and must have a parent check them into the office.


School Dismissal

With safety as a main concern, we have implemented the following dismissal times in order to keep traffic congestion to a minimum. We ask that parents do not arrive too early for dismissal as this necessitates parking on the side of the road or blocking our driveways. Students remain in their homerooms until their designated dismissal times. Younger siblings and carpool riders will be dismissed at the oldest student’s dismissal time. Vehicles must have the official Lake Castle placards visible in the windshield of the car.

If a student must be checked out of school prior to or after his/her assigned dismissal time, the parent must come to the office and sign him/her out. At that time, the student will be called to the office. The homeroom teacher must be notified in writing of all dismissal changes, except in the case of an emergency. We ask that changes to dismissal times are made only for emergency purposes, not for convenience. If a student is not picked up by a parent/guardian, he/she will be sent to ASC. (See BSC/ASC information for charges.)


The dismissal form on Sycamore must be filled out for each student attending Lake Castle.

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