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Religious Education Department




Lake Castle Madisonville Private School, Inc. offers a bi-weekly, enjoyable religious education program designed to enhance each student’s faith and Christian values. The students master the main objectives in each lesson by utilizing open discussions.


Method of Teaching


The workbook series provides the teacher with a foundation to assist open discussions and relate the subject matter to the student’s age-appropriate experiences. Material is read aloud in class with intermittent discussions. Students are encouraged to actively participate in class discussions, as one grade per week will be given for each student’s participation. During discussion sessions, students are instructed to highlight important points in the lesson.


Craft activities are included in the curriculum to promote hands-on learning and visual reinforcement of the material discussed. This also extends the lesson into the home for further discussion.


Homework: No homework is assigned as activities are to be completed during the designated class periods.


Testing: Students will utilize their workbooks when tested. Tests cover only the material discussed by the instructor.


It is the goal of the teacher that each student fully understands the general concept of each lesson.


Note: Students not participating in religious education will take part in an enrichment program. During religion classes, these students are given material consisting of work based on the general curriculum taught at his/her grade level. This independent study program is designed to enhance subject matter taught daily.


No religion offered


God Loves Us

1st Grade

God is Good

2nd Grade

God Cares for Us

3rd Grade

We Believe

4th Grade

God Guides Us

5th Grade

We Worship

6th Grade

God Calls a People

7th Grade

Christ, The Way, The Truth, and The Life

8th Grade

The Church, Now and Then

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