Lake Castle Madisonville Standardized Testing  Academic Statistics

Lake Castle Madisonville believes in the old-fashioned, conservative way of teaching and our educators foster an environment of individual achievement in which students learn to apply the knowledge taught.  These few statistics boast of our students’ successes.



2018-2019 SAT Results:  Average Composite Score of 88.2%

Lake Castle Madisonville students in grades kindergarten through 8th take the Stanford Achievement Test, Tenth Edition each spring of the school term. 


Lake Castle Madisonville Class of 2019 ACT Results:  Average Composite ACT Scores 26.4 

Our 8th graders are encouraged to take the American College Test (ACT) each April – the exact same testing that juniors and seniors are taking for acceptance into the colleges of their choice. 

Sixteen (16) of our 36 graduates took the testing in April, 2019, and most of these students would be accepted today to many colleges with scholarship money – before ever setting foot in a high school classroom.


ACT April, 2019 Results:          Average Composite Score:          26.4

                                                    Average English Score:                 27.7

                                                    Average Math Score:                    25.0

                                                    Average Reading Score:               27.7

                                                    Average Science Score:                25.3

                                                    Average STEM* Score:                  25.4     

                                                         *Science, Technology, Engineering, Math


Lake Castle’s top three scores in each section:

                                                   Composite:                   31, 30, 29

                                                   English:                         32, 31, 30

                                                   Math:                            32, 28, 26

                                                   Reading:                       34, 32, 33

                                                  Science:                        35, 29, 28

                                                  STEM:                            32, 30, 28



Louisiana Average ACT Composite Scores for 2018:  19.3

National Average ACT Composite Scores for 2017:  20.8