2020-2021 Registrations due by August 7, 2020.


Little Artists - 1st Semester Registration

Grades: PK -3rd

Little Artists has 14 creative and fun classes per semester. Projects will introduce artists and art styles. The art work will often reflect the seasons and holidays. Famous artists and illustrators will be explored. Basic art skills will be taught in conjunction with music and storytelling that will be used to enhance the lesson. A variety of mediums will be used.


Art 101 - Session Registrations below

Grades 4th-8th

This class will learn basic art which includes color theory, patterns, art history, and art vocabulary. After learning these techniques, they will be taught how to incorporate these skills to make their own art compositions.

Session I:     4th-5th Grades                6th-8th Grades

Session II:    4th-5th Grades                6th-8th Grades

Session III:   4th-5th Grades                6th-8th Grades

Session IV:   4th-5th Grades                6th-8th Grades

C.L.A.S.S. - 2020 Registration

4th Grade Social Studies Students

Mrs. Dearie’s 4th Grade Social Studies students have C.L.A.S.S.!



And then some...

Chess Club - 2020 Registration is postponed.

Chess is a wonderful, strategic game that will enhance your children’s concentration, discipline, logic, and other thinking skills. We are pleased to offer this activity to our students.  Knowledge of how to play chess is preferred but not mandatory.

J E T P A R D Y - 2020-2021 Registration is postponed.

3rd Grades

Mrs. Kiesel

Join in this fun and exciting class that explores ways to enhance knowledge of English, reading, math, science, and social studies.

Savvy Students - 2020-2021 Registration

Grades 3rd - 8th

The course emphasizes entrepreneurship, personal finance, economics, politics, government, history, future planning, and current events in a fun and exciting way.  Savvy Students encourages students to be in active pursuit of their dreams and goals.  The objective of the Savvy Students course is to introduce, teach, and assist students in applying life skills resulting in personal growth and development.

S.T.E.M. - Session I Registration

3rd-6th Grades

Mrs. Crockett

Session I

Project Hurricane Defend: Build a hurricane proof house.

Project Move: Design a pulley system to move a heavy load.


Session II

Project Rocket Launch: Create a rocket that is ready to launch.

Project Birdman: Design a bird beak for a feeding frenzy.

Tumbling - 2020-2021 Registration is postponed.

Grades PPK - 3rd 

Focus will be on correct drills to enhance beginner to advanced tumbling. All students will learn proper headstand, handstand, cartwheels, and back walkovers. Returning students will continue their previous program and advance accordingly.   2nd-3rd grade will also focus on motions and skills for cheer try-outs in the spring, if interested.  All students work on the balance beam and floor skills.

Pee-Wee Pep Squad & Pep Squad

Pee-Wee Pep Squad:  PK - K

Pep Squad:  1st - 4th

The girls will learn dances and cheers.  They will perform at sports events, assisted living homes, parades, and other social events.



Art Class PK-3rd

Art Class 4th-5th

Art Class 6th-8th




Cross Country

Flag Football

Pep Squads







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