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It is our foremost recommendation that any medication be administered by a parent at home, or that a parent come to school to administer medication to his/her child. In extraordinary circumstances, medication may need to be administered at school. In that case, our procedure is as follows:



  • Our administration will administer ONLY what a parent has brought directly to the office clearly marked with the child’s name and specific instructions. These instructions are to be distinctly set forth on the school’s “Request for Administering Medication at School and Release from Liability” form, which is to be completed, signed, and dated by the parent or guardian of the child, and by the child’s physician. This form can be obtained from the school office.


  • No over-the-counter medication will be administered by the office without a physician’s specific authorization set forth on the form. At NO time shall any child be allowed to have in his/her possession ANY medication whatsoever. This includes throat lozenges, cough drops, eye drops, Chapstick, etc.


  • If a child has any medical condition that arises while at school, such as headache, cramping, earache, itchy skin, etc., the parent will be called and the parent may either pick up the child or come to school to administer the medication.


  • Unless otherwise indicated on the medication form, all medication will be destroyed if it is not picked up within two weeks of the date of the form.

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