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Lake Castle Madisonville Parents' Club



The purpose of our non-profit organization is to further enhance the educational experiences of the students attending Lake Castle Madisonville by providing them with supplemental learning aids and supplies, as well as generating revenues that the school can use for physical campus improvements.


A few examples of our contributions to the students of Lake Castle Madisonville are as follows: 


  • Covered pavilion

  • 900 square foot science lab

  • Hardware and software for the computer lab

  • New computers for the computer lab

  • Jet Center Gym


Our Parents’ Club is an independent organization from the school and has no decision-making power in the operation of Lake Castle.  We use fundraisers to generate revenues that are used to benefit all children attending Lake Castle regardless of age or class.


Our goal is for every family to become a member of the Parents’ Club, however, membership is not mandatory.  We encourage all parents to become involved with the many committees established throughout the years.  Our organization is only as good as the volunteers that dedicate their time and efforts.


We truly believe that Lake Castle Madisonville is a very special school – one that gives our children an outstanding education, helps instill core values and morals, and provides these opportunities at a most reasonable cost.


Our Parents’ Club is simply a chance for us to give something back – an opportunity for us to make our children’s experiences at Lake Castle that much more memorable, a means for us to assist our school any way possible. 

2023-2024 Lake Castle Parents' Club Information

  • 2023-2024 Board Members & Committee Chairpersons on Sycamore




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